Adult, Children, Neurological, Stroke frail & Elderly.

The Cura Air Chair is supported by the latest "Position Seating Technology"
The Cura Air Chair is a Modern Design, Independent  Dual Tilt in Space Movement, Neurological Care Chair.

Adjustable Seat Depth
Battery Powered
Channeled Legrest

Removable Pressure Relief
Butterfly Back
Thoracic Back

Removable Foot Plate
Wing Handles

Possum Compatible
TIS Handles
Directional Castor

Weight Capacity
160kg 25st




Manual TIS

Manual TIS + Backrest Recline

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Using our Made to Measure Program the Cura Air Chair can be fully adapted to suit the individual client’s needs.
All manufacturing is done in-house so we can not only alter the chair dimensions, but we can fabricate, saw mill, cut and sew, upholster and design in-house.  
This gives us, and you the client, total flexibility. 

Seat To Floor Height 18"
Highest 24"
Lowest 15"

Seat Width 20"
Narrowest 10"
Widest 30"

Seat Depth 20"
Shallowest 12"
Deepest 23"

Arm To Seat Height 8"
Shortest 6"
Tallest 13"

Back Height 30"
Shortest 22"
Tallest 36"

Choose From An Extensive Range of Fabrics

Wooden Knuckle Color
Select from Our Range Of Color Wooden Knuckles

The Cura Air Chair has the only frame that has been designed and built in different sections.  
This means that when certain upgrades are available you don’t have to buy a whole new frame.  
For instance if, in the future, you would like a new footplate it can easily be fitted to your old frame.  
Also, if a client’s disability needs change the frame can be adapted or altered. 

For All Enquiries : Please Call Us On

0870 242 1358