Electric Lift Up Arm For Wheelchair Side Transfers available on the Elevator

Wheelchair Dependent
Adult, Children, Neurological, Stroke frail & Elderly.

Electric Lift Up Arm
For Wheelchair Side Transfers.
Patent GB2479861

Raise The Arm
At The Touch Of A Button

How To Use

First raise the chair vertically to the required height.

When transferring onto a seat surface, always transfer downhill, For Example

*When transferring from wheelchair into the chair have the top of the chair’s seat surface 1” Lower.

*When transfering from the chair into the wheelchair have the top of the wheelchair’s seat surface 1” Lower.

The Electric Lift Up Arms
can be fitted to both sides
of the chair.

The Attollo XL has the only frame that has been designed and built in different sections.  
This means that when certain upgrades are available you don’t have to buy a whole new frame.  
For instance if, in the future, you would like a new footplate it can easily be fitted to your old frame.  
Also, if a client’s disability needs change the frame can be adapted or altered. 

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